Reducing Stress May Add $ in Retirement

Health has a significant impact on individual finances, especially during retirement.  Since stress can be a significant driver of overall health, here are 6 quick tips that can be used today to minimize stress and help maintain your health.  Reducing healthcare expenses should be a major goal within any retirement plan:

1.  Consciously work on relationships within your circle.  Put a little extra effort to stay in touch and treat people well (consider being extra nice to strangers, it may spread!).  Find a workable place for relationships with people in your life that tend to be negative.  Avoid judgement, because they may just be going through a rough patch.

2.  Organize your physical space (de-clutter) and calendar (avoid over-scheduling).  If you function well and are content with a little chaos, however, go with a little clutter!

3.  Exercise – your mind, body, and spirit.  Everyone is different so pick something that works for you in each area.

4.  Engage with the world – Set a conscious intention to have more fun after your basic responsibilities are fulfilled.

5.  Try new things and continuously learn.

6.  Be YOUrself!

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