Pawleys Investment Advisors post-election commentary on WMBF News NBC Affiliate

Does the outcome of the 2012 election affect Coca Cola’s sales of Diet Coke?  Does it alter the ability of the County of Charleston, South Carolina to pay its interest and principal obligations on its general obligation school bonds?  Pawleys Investment Advisors helps investors build portfolios of high quality investments that will perform well in a myriad of economic and market conditions.  This holds true the morning after the 2012 elections, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.  Coca Cola has increased its dividend to shareholders for each of the past 50 years, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican held the oval office, nor whether the Senate and/or House of Representatives was predominantly Democratic or Republican.  Stay tuned for more as we reveal how pending tax changes affect portfolio construction considerations.  A big “thank you” to Alex Holley of NBC news affiliate WMBF of Myrtle Beach for being a wonderful hostess this morning.

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