Loggerhead Turtle Guidance from Pawleys

Sometimes we head a bit off track, but ultimately end up turning back in the right direction.

Momma Loggerhead Turtle Tracks on Litchfield Beach – Pawleys Island

These tracks are left behind by a loggerhead turtle that came out of the ocean to lay her eggs up in the sand dunes.  Happy Camper and I took this picture the morning of 6/07/2012 on South Litchfield Beach near Pawleys Island.  Volunteers from S.C.U.T.E. (South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts) help monitor turtle nesting activity and are dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Georgetown and Horry Counties.  The straight track is from her leaving the ocean and heading to the dune, and her tracks returning to the water have the zig-zag.

Help protect the turtles and their nests!  Please keep lights out along the beach at night so turtles do not get disoriented, fill in holes on the beach and do not leave furniture out overnight (they can become trapped or entangled), and do not disturb nesting turtles (they may become frightened and dump their eggs into the ocean which makes them unviable).  Here is a good lesson for investors to avoid potential pitfalls and focus on your objective…and if you get off track, no need to fret, you can easily get back on course!  Learn more about the turtles here:


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