Pre-Election Day Comments from Pawleys

One week from today is Election Day.  The opening words of our Constitution, “We the people of the United States,” will be buried in rhetoric from both parties over the next several days as divisions are further stoked.  While an important aspect of investing is to not let emotion and behavior work against you, noisy political rhetoric can make that difficult.  And in the midst of uncertainty it is hard to see the big picture.  The #1 way to build wealth is to invest in stock of high-quality companies that have little or no debt, good earnings growth, and rock-solid cash flow – and the outcome of the elections will not at all change how well that strategy works.  Data shows that the markets do well regardless of political control in Washington.

We never get to the point where uncertainty and concern goes away.  Here we sit, just 5% below all-time highs in the markets, during one of the most challenging years I have seen during my 28-year career.  Wow, time flies!  Year-end is a great time to revisit your big-picture financial/investment plan, so please reach out to us if there have been changes in your life that warrant adjustments to how we manage your portfolio.  This year has been difficult in so many ways, and we are so thankful that you continue to have confidence in our ability to navigate 2020 and produce profitable investment results for you.

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