Happy Thanksgiving!

Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 30,000, shattering record levels.  2020 has been riddled with so many challenges, but we have continued to work hard to protect and grow portfolios.  Today further amalgamates the principle that successful investment results require both good planning and patience.
The Pawleys Dividend Fund is a core holding for many investors.  We invest in stock of companies with little or no debt, good earnings growth, and rock solid cash-flow.  At these all-time historical levels the Pawleys Dividend stocks are beating the market significantly – by over +9% this year!  This means the fund generated an extra $54,000 for every $500,000 invested in these stocks compared to the performance of an index mutual fund.
We appreciate having the opportunity to help our clients, and are so grateful to have everyone’s trust and confidence during this unprecedented time.  Warren Buffet has said never bet against America – corporate earnings continue to be solid, and the progress being made on the medical front to stop the pandemic is amazing.  Thank you very much to all of our clients for allowing us to be of service.   We hope you stay healthy and safe, and find peace and gratitude in your celebrations this week.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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